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Hello Everyone! This is my beautiful family. We are excited to share our cause with you. This is a life long dream of mine and we're so happy to finally make it a reality. When was in high school when the US entered into the first Gulf War. It was the first war of my lifetime and I found myself riveted to the TV soaking in every ounce of coverage I could find. Through this I developed a deep love for my country and those who fought for it.  I remember tears rolling down my cheeks the day I came home from school and heard that we had suffered our first casualty.  Though I never knew the hero who died that day, I felt as though I lost a friend.  The following day I couldn't concentrate on much of anything.  I wanted to find a way to show my support and show these brave men and women that they had someone back home who deeply appreciated their sacrifice.  I decided that flying the American flag in my front yard was the perfect thing to do.  I built a makeshift flagpole out of a 2 X 4, dug a hole in the front lawn, and flew my flag with great pride.  I even ran extension cords to the front yard and set up lights so the flag would be seen day and night. 


Several weeks after I began flying the flag in my yard there was a knock at my door.  It was my neighbor.  He said he watched me dig the hole in my parents front lawn and wondered what on earth I was doing digging such a deep hole in the middle of the yard.  He asked me why I decided to do what I did.  I told him, I am showing my support for the troops in the Gulf War.  He choked up as he told me he was an Army Green Barret in Vietnam.  He proceeded to tell me he was spit on, mocked, kicked and called the worst things imaginable upon his return from the war.  He told me, you'll never know how much this means to me to see a young boy so proud of this country.  I'll never forget that day.  I closed the door as he walked back to his house and vowed that I would never forget our Veterans.  


From that time as a boy, I wanted to do something special for our veterans.  I would dream about having unlimited funds to meet all of their needs, how awesome it would be to build them houses, fix their cars and help wherever they fell short.  As the years moved on I kept telling myself, one day, you'll have the time and money to do everything you want.  The reality is, if I kept waiting for that day then it would never come.  So earlier this year my wife and I founded  Soldiers Six is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization serving veterans.

- Brian Cottrell


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